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Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Georgia's First Inauguration
MAY 29, 2022
AMPAG’s First Inauguration

Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Georgia officials elected and sworn in to office.

Why Ampag?

“AMPAG is a Moorish Provincial State Government under the existing authority of the Moroccan Empire with lawful jurisdiction over the Georgia trust territory. ”


Love, Peace and Prosperity to all of humanity. I am Abdul Smith-Bey, Wazir Al’Rais of Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Georgia (AMPAG). First, I’d like to give honors to Prophet Noble Drew Ali for without his teachings there would be no AMPAG. We came together as an organized jural society by ratifying and depositing our constitution to further the great missionary works of uplifting fallen humanity.

AMPAG is an autonomous State, sovereign and independent from the United states and its chartered colonies and we’re here to provide real solutions, under international law, for our people!

Why nationalize with AMPAG?

AMPAG Makhzen is poised with full powers under international law to enact laws and enforce said laws through consular court upon the foreign colonists for the protection of our State and the nationals thereof. Furthermore, AMPAG understands that birthrights and nationality are FREE and that’s how we operate!

Legal Status Adjustment

IRS / US Non-Taxable

Treaty Law Enforcement

State Rights Protection

Legislative Branch

The Dalil Aziz or Matriarchal Council is led by the Seyaraha or Speaker of the House, Kween Kwiox Bey.

Executive Branch

The Wazir Al’Rais or Prime Minister, the one who bares the burden of the State, Abdul Smith Bey.

Judicial Branch

The Qazi or Chief Judge of Consular Court, Executor of the Policy of the Matriarchs, Isaac El Mahdi Bey.

Moorish Science and Astrological Basis

AMPAG’s Government Structure Is Based On The Moorish Rudder And Sextant’s Astrological Principles

AMPAG Makhzen operates through 3 branches of government. The Dalil Aziz or Matriarchal Council which is made up of 13 Mothers as the legislative branch. Currently we only have 3 Matriarchs and we are looking for more Mothers. The seat of the Wazir Al’Rais or Prime Minister represents the executive branch and the judicial branch is the Qazi or Chief Judge of Consular Court.

Beyond that we have the Hajib or Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mufti or Consul General and the Sutrah or Minister of Defense, inter alia. However in our State, the Mothers write the laws and her Sons enforce the law!

MAY 30, 2022

The Moorish Rudder and Sextant

[Audiobook] Moorish government structure.

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Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the details

Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Georgia is a Moorish Latin phrase that literally translates to Free Moorish Estates Before Georgia. It must be understood that the establishment of AMPAG with its full powers and authority, has replaced the fictitious chartered colony formerly known as the state of Georgia.

And it was done so by reclaiming the ancient Moorish territory improperly known as Georgia under Uti Possidetis Juris by identifying the latitude and longitude of these territories in AMPAG’s ratified constitution in the dominion section. In doing so, these border lines have become international borders under the jurisdiction of AMPAG Makhzen byway of treaty protections based on Human Rights and State Rights (Jus Cogens), inter alia

AMPAG Makhzen was established to force decolonization and restore order on our land and offer peace and security for our nationals and all other foreign citizens under international law and treaty protections.

Article 15 paragraph one of the Treaty of Madrid 1880 states, “Any subject of Morocco who has been naturalized in a foreign country… must chose between entire submission to the laws of the Empire…” meaning that all “black people,” Asiatics, Moslems or Moors i.e the indigenous Moroccans must chose between the American jurisdiction or the Moroccan jurisdiction i.e. the cares of the world or the rock of salvation. The nationals of our State chose the latter, we suggest you do the same.

This said Government is not at war with anyone. AMPAG Makhzen adheres to the universal guiding principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, offering an olive branch to settle any disputes in hopes to settle the matter.

However we also know that if mediation and arbitration fails, Consular Court will make the final judgement and AMPAG will support the Consul by enacting legislation in harmony with said judgement pursuant to Article 20 of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship, 1836, inter alia. The objective is to restore order and for that to happen, the United states must adhere to Moorish treaty provisions and international law constructive agreements of which the United states are signatory powers, and AMPAG Makhzen is here to ensure this happens. Islam!